rawl.es Morse Cookies

Morse Cookies is a regular podcast which contains a regular fortune — a saying, quotation, joke, poem, fact or aphorism — as a Morse code audio file. Each fortune is short, usually a sentence or two. You can use them to brush up on your Morse decoding skills. Each transmission begins with the prosign CT (start of transmission) and concludes with the prosign SK (end of contact). I will put out a new Cookie whenever I find a good one, hopefully two or three per week.

The speeds have been adapted to be Farnsworth-style. That is, they will be composed of higher speed characters sent with longer than standard spacing between them. You then get used to hearing the sounds of the code, rather than relying on counting or other methods which slow down progress. I use a simple rule here. If the desired effective speed is less than 15wpm, the transmission speed of each character is still 15wpm.

The podcast has several Atom feeds containing Morse encoded at various speeds. You can pick any integer words-per-minute speed between 5 and 40, depending on your ability. The table below lists the feed URLs for each speed, together with the latest file at that speed, to enable you to get an idea of what it might sound like.

Feed URLLatest
5wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/5wpm.xml 2018-02-17
6wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/6wpm.xml 2018-02-17
7wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/7wpm.xml 2018-02-17
8wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/8wpm.xml 2018-02-17
9wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/9wpm.xml 2018-02-17
10wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/10wpm.xml 2018-02-17
11wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/11wpm.xml 2018-02-17
12wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/12wpm.xml 2018-02-17
13wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/13wpm.xml 2018-02-17
14wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/14wpm.xml 2018-02-17
15wpm 15wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/15wpm.xml 2018-02-17
16wpm 16wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/16wpm.xml 2018-02-17
17wpm 17wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/17wpm.xml 2018-02-17
18wpm 18wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/18wpm.xml 2018-02-17
19wpm 19wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/19wpm.xml 2018-02-17
20wpm 20wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/20wpm.xml 2018-02-17
21wpm 21wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/21wpm.xml 2018-02-17
22wpm 22wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/22wpm.xml 2018-02-17
23wpm 23wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/23wpm.xml 2018-02-17
24wpm 24wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/24wpm.xml 2018-02-17
25wpm 25wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/25wpm.xml 2018-02-17
26wpm 26wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/26wpm.xml 2018-02-17
27wpm 27wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/27wpm.xml 2018-02-17
28wpm 28wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/28wpm.xml 2018-02-17
29wpm 29wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/29wpm.xml 2018-02-17
30wpm 30wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/30wpm.xml 2018-02-17
31wpm 31wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/31wpm.xml 2018-02-17
32wpm 32wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/32wpm.xml 2018-02-17
33wpm 33wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/33wpm.xml 2018-02-17
34wpm 34wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/34wpm.xml 2018-02-17
35wpm 35wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/35wpm.xml 2018-02-17
36wpm 36wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/36wpm.xml 2018-02-17
37wpm 37wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/37wpm.xml 2018-02-17
38wpm 38wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/38wpm.xml 2018-02-17
39wpm 39wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/39wpm.xml 2018-02-17
40wpm 40wpm https://rawl.es/morsecookies/40wpm.xml 2018-02-17

Morse Cookies relies on Fabian Kurz's excellent ebook2cw program to encode the Morse. If you have any feedback, or fortunes to contribute, please get in touch. Similar podcasts are available elsewhere on the web: Morse Resource; AA9PW.