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A distributed laboratory. Everything which appears here is logged at https://rawl.es/dlab/irc/2017/
rawles (Simon Rawles)
[00:00:18Z] Just vague thoughts...
joeytwiddle (usually joeytwiddle^snr) (Joey Clark)
[00:57:44Z] I was once interested in getting computers to do what mathematicians do, i.e. prove one thing from other things. I wrote a simple program which, if you call 'go', will use a set of rules to re-arrange an equation: https://github.com/joeytwiddle/code/blob/master/haskell/maths/maths.hs
[01:01:28Z] Here is the output: https://gist.github.com/joeytwiddle/87b0829526c16adba72ec4ad38bf48ae Actually one of my rules is wrong. The +/- when you sqrt() something is missing!

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