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rawles (Simon Rawles)
[14:05:05Z] When you think about cause and effect in the world, what's a more useful concept to you, the people/things or the nature of the dependency/interrelationship between them?
[14:05:39Z] I guess if you were going to define a system of dependencies, you'd describe the people/things first...
[14:18:49Z] For example, can you explain how planetary motion or the four-stroke engine works? In what sequence do you introduce the concepts?
adamfc (Adam Forsythe-Cheasley)
[14:20:59Z] oh interesting question
[14:21:22Z] I guess you describe the things first
[14:21:39Z] if you think about describing one of the above to a child, for example
[14:23:18Z] 'So there's this thing A, and this thing B, and there's a surprising link between them...'
[14:23:21Z] or
[14:23:55Z] yeah
[14:23:57Z] I think you're right
[14:24:41Z] I find this a lot explaining things to my children
[14:24:51Z] 'first of all, there's this thing called A...'
[14:24:55Z] then explain a bit about that
[14:25:01Z] 'then there's this thing called B...'
[14:25:03Z] explain that
[14:25:11Z] then explain the relationship
[14:25:28Z] they understand the world first through objects
[14:25:32Z] Explaining things to children, that's useful. Do you find when you explain things to them, you're also explaining it to yourself?
[14:25:41Z] e.g. my youngest can only really say the names of objects at the moment
[14:25:51Z] verbs are just creeping in
[14:25:59Z] "look" is a new addition
[14:26:09Z] but before it was just "car", "bus" etc. etc.
[14:26:16Z] So he'll say 'Look! Bee!', maybe?
[14:26:25Z] not yet
[14:26:36Z] atm, he'd just say "bee" and point
[14:26:55Z] he'd say "snack, look" for example
[14:26:58Z] Can you listen out for when they talk about dependency or causation? Or maybe ask them some simple questions about how things work?
[14:27:03Z] so the thing he wants, and how he wants to choose it
[14:27:10Z] sure
[14:27:15Z] So does that mean 'I want to look for a snack'?
[14:27:20Z] exactly
[14:27:42Z] ie, go to the cupboard and choose a snack?
[14:27:59Z] yes
[14:29:12Z] You mentioned verbs because those are the simplest way we can talk about dependency, right?
[14:31:11Z] Okay interesting. I'm just thinking about this because I want to try to make machine learning use models of the world that we describe, but it's not actually clear to me how humans describe the world. I hadn't thought about how children do it until now.
[16:42:33Z] Dependency management is a bit more tricky than I thought!
[16:54:55Z] At least, doing it efficiently for lots of variables. Maybe I don't need to for now.
[20:48:08Z] You may have had trouble sending messages to this channel today. Sorry about that. Channel mode +m was on. I think I've fixed it. By the way, if you register for an account via NickServ, I can grant you co-ownership of this channel.
supertime (Tim Kovács)
[22:41:49Z] Does make use an efficient algorithm for checking dependencies? Or is that a different problem

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