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A distributed laboratory. Everything which appears here is logged at https://rawl.es/dlab/irc/2017/
rawles (Simon Rawles)
[13:20:09Z] Tim, you might be interested in this episode of Sam Harris's podcast with Nicholas Christakis (Yale Human Nature Lab) - https://www.samharris.org/podcast/item/facing-the-crowd - start listening from 1h22m52s.
[13:20:33Z] Particularly, the modelling of human friendship, the spread of opinions and norms ('social contagion'), including at scale, the intervention in that spread, ...
[13:20:47Z] He's got a software platform that recruits real people from social media and makes artificial societies with them, with which he models 'social traps' (mob action against their own interest), asking how to get people to share and cooperate better. He gives an analogy with local optima in hillclimbing. http://humannaturelab.net/
[16:41:49Z] ignore #dlab MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS
[16:42:11Z] Oops, sorry!
supertime (Tim Kovács)
[20:47:04Z] Thanks rawles. That’s pretty cool.

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