My public key

My latest public key has the 64-bit ID 8070 09A7 E884 32C3, which refers to a 3072-bit key created in April 2014. This key is also available from key servers and Keybase.

pub 3072R/E88432C3 2014-04-01 [expires: 2019-01-01] Usage: SC
  Key fingerprint = 27BB F8A9 8BE5 6405 513B 7325 8070 09A7 E884 32C3
uid   Simon Rawles <rawles@rawles.net>
sub 3072R/00B6FCCC 2014-04-01 [expires: 2019-01-01] Usage: E
sub 3072R/CF1A5685 2014-04-01 [expires: 2019-01-01] Usage: S

Please don't use any of my previous keys. In particular, FAF8 F1C4 4F10 E478 has now expired, and I've no easy way to revoke it. Moral: always generate a revocation certificate when you generate a new key and keep it safe!

What can I do with it?

The main uses are as follows. Click on a word for more help with how to do it with Unix/Linux gpg.